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The Anglophile magazine is the web's premier magazine for, well, anglophiles. It’s written by England fans, for England fans! 

Who Are You And What's The Anglophile?

Who Are You And What's The Anglophile?

Hi there, my name is Chris Young, editor of both the website and founder here at The Anglophile magazine.

Originally from England, I came to Australia to spend some time in the sun... Luckily for me I fell in love with a beautiful Australian lady who soon become my wife. I live in Australia with her and our two boys.

I set up the, and then its magazine The Anglophile, as a labour of love. I love my new life in the sun, but feel homesick often and The Anglophile is a way of me sharing my love for the old country.

Well, it certainly seems to have struck a chord because, a few years down the line, it has become bigger than me…

Our growing readership is a community of true Anglophiles and fans of all things England and English - and we'd love to have you on board too.

Therefore I'd like to offer you the chance to check out the latest issue of The Anglophile for $1...

What's in the February 2021 Issue?

Here's what you've to look forward in this month's issue, which has a British castles theme:

Haunted English Castles

Ghoulish goings on in castles in England...

Finest Scottish Castles

The finest castles in Scotland.

Quiz: English Castles

How many castles do you recognise from these photos?

In This Month: February

Events from British History that occurred in February.

Gallery: English Castles

Photos of more castles from around England.

(At the time of writing some COVID-19 restrictions are in still in place - and the most important thing is for everyone to be safe. However I hope these will soon begin to ease and you'll be free to travel to England, and the attractions we feature here.)

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If during the 14 day trial you decide The Anglophile isn't for you, just cancel (a few clicks from the homepage) before the first months subscription is paid.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this short letter!

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The Anglophile magazine is the web's premier magazine for, well, anglophiles. It’s written by England fans, for England fans! 

Cheers & have a great day.

Chris Young
Founder & Editor
The Anglophile

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